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Hoe zeg men "Ich schminke mich" in het Nederlands? Makeup...

There's not a verb like it in English, I guess adorn in a verb for it but not super accurate. I know in German "ich schminke mich" is like I put makeup on.

I put this into Google translate to try to get an exact verb in Dutch and it translated it to "I remove the makeup" ... so that didn't help.

Is there a reflexive verb for putting makeup on? Or how do you say "I am putting makeup on" in Dutch?

I'm male, I'm just curious how you say this... lol. It crossed my mind one day and I can't figure it out.

December 15, 2014



We actually use the German loan-word "schminken", but only for applying face paint (like a clown's), not regular makeup (eyeliner, mascara, etc).

For putting on makeup, you can talk about "jezelf opmaken". We also use the English word "make-up" a lot.

[deactivated user]

    We use the word make-up a lot but usually only when you talk about the stuff itself. So you can say Ik koop make-up. I buy make-up. If you use make up you say: Ik maak me op, jij maakt je op, zij maakt zich op etc etc. Hope this helps!


    Ik maak mijzelf op is 'ich schminke mich'. The word you need to use is opmaken.

    Ik (I) maak mij op. Jij (you) maakt je op. Hij/zij/het (he/she/it) maakt zich op. Just like that. :)

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