"Modellen kramar sin mamma."

Translation:The model is hugging his mom.

December 15, 2014

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Is there a way to differential between him and her in this sentence? Could I say hennes instead of sin to clarify?


This sentence is ambiguous as to the gender of the model and you'd have to work around it somehow to clarify the gender if that's something you need.

If you exchange sin for hans or hennes, the sentence's meaning will change to hugging someone else's mother rather than the model's own.


Since "sin" refers to both genders, does Duolingo accept "their" as a translation?


Yes, we do, at least for this sentence. I don't know if it does throughout the course entirely, but report it if it doesn't.


that's so cool that Swedish also has a gender-neutral way of saying that! I've been learning Spanish and they mainly use masc or fem endings on words :(


Could something like "hennes egen" work? Like, "sångaren sjunger hennes egen sång"?


I don't think so. It still implies referring to someone else, since sin would really be the way you want to refer back to the subject. I guess context will make the difference here.


No, 'sångaren sjunger sin egen sång', 'hennes egen' would be some other girl's song. You could put in a name, to clarify. "Modellen Johan kramar sin mamma". Then we assume that there are several models at the location, e.g. Johan, Maria, Kurt, Kristina.


What is the difference between "sin" and "sig"?


sin is a reflexive possessive pronoun which is used for the third person. This means that when he, she or they is the subject of a sentence, whatever they own is referred to with sin.
Jag tar min bok 'I take my book'
Du tar min bok 'You take your book'
Hon tar sin bok 'She takes her book'

sig is a reflexive personal pronoun, used when the subject of a sentence is also the object of the action in it
jag rakar mig 'I am shaving [myself]'
du rakar dig 'you are shaving [yourself]'
han rakar sig 'he is shaving [himself]'


I think it would be 'Du tar "din" bok = You take your book'. 'Din' instead of 'min'.


Yes, Arnauti made a spelling error. Well spotted. :)


Does kramar also mean cuddle? Or is there a specific different word for cuddle?


Yes, it's krama in the infinitive and kramar in the present tense.


Tack så mycket! You've helped me a lot :)


cuddles wasn't accepted?


That would be e.g. myser/gosar/kramas med. I know it's a dictionary translation, but it's not a very good one. We usually only use kramar for short hugging, and kramas med for cuddling.


why is it his? I put her


sin is ambiguous, so "his" and "her" are both fine. However, there can only be one default option displayed, so the course contributors have chosen to alternate between "his" and "her" in those cases. This just happens to be one of the sentences where "his" is the default. :)


Why if the gender is not specified is : "The model cuddles her mum" not accepted by the app...{The words cuddle (hug)& Mum (Mom) are more often used in British English}


"her" and "mum" are both accepted, but "cuddling" is typically different from "hugging" in British English as well.

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