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"El riesgo es demasiado grande."

Translation:The risk is too big.

July 15, 2013



I feel like like I'm continually complaining about Duo's "correct" answers ('cause I am), but "'the risk is too big" or "too large" is fine, but "too great" is wrong? In English we say either "too great a risk" or "too big a risk", and rarely "too large" a risk.


I hear ya. But, IMO, one experiences a great deal less frustration when, here in the lessens, one simply demonstrates to Duo (and its limited database of 'correct' answers) that one understands what the Spanish says and saves the fretting about good, natural, common English for the 'immersion' section. I know that if one complains about Duo not accepting an obviously correct answer they may fix things. I also know it rarely happens, and can take weeks or months. Just because Duo does not have an answer in its database does not make it 'wrong,' just unrecognized by the Duo-bot. ;)


Didn't know there was an immersion section. My son actually directed me to Duo when he found the app for his cell phone. (Being an old person, I still use an antiquated dumb phone.) Will have to look further after I finish all the lessons.


For the record, I got a response from Duo that "great" is now accepted. I've had a good half dozen "now acceptedes" in response to my reports to Duo, so they really are looking at translation oddities in their database.


wmunnel, Do you actually receive a notice from DL that your suggestion has been accepted?


I have received such notices, tho' few and far between.


I've been almost inundated with acceptance mails in the last month or so. Nearly everyone signed "jenna_swiss". I've thanked her for doing a good job.


Yep, I've had several, but in the French section.


You're not the only one who's having trouble with Duolingo's sensors. Yeah, it's a great way to learn a language but it has its minor setbacks from time to time. Considering that it is free, it's still pretty good.


Just report it when you're sure it should be accepted. Learning is largely a matter of practice anyway, so try to remember that getting through the lessons isn't much of a rush, and how many points you have isn't a great measure of how much you've actually learned.


This is not the place to complain. That's what the +flag+ button is for. Use it!


I agree that the flag button is useful, but I've seen people explain why something that seems correct really isn't (and I've sometimes agreed and sometimes disagreed with the attempted clarifications.) Reading these discussions is one of the ways I learn here. I think people can and should do both (with some discretion, of course.)

I agree with the OP here regarding the English -- "the risk is too great" is the more natural way to translate this. I would have used it myself, but I was out of hearts and the risk was too large! ;-)


Personally my go-to words for risk are "high" and "low" (which go along with the idea of "the level of risk"). I put in "big", though, b/c being literal-minded is generally better with Duo. :-P


The risk is too great (accepted). I think this a more natural translation--especially when discussing medical issues in this chapter.


Didnt accept it today. Nov 9th


"Demasiado" is such a big word for "too!" Is it used often?


Yeah, I've thought that myself. The etymology is demasia ‎(“excess”) +‎ -ado, which is from de + más (in a roundabout way). Makes sense since demasiado is the "too" in too much, rather than the "too" (also) from tambien.


I said "the risk is too much" and it was wrong. They were looking ofr to HIGH. Yet the hover says too much for demasiado? hmm


I also translated this "the risk is too much" as I thought it would be more common, too bad Duo doesn't accept it


Demasiado might mean "too much" on its own, but you'd still need to translate the grande. :)

Demasiado is a scale word, it generally translates as "too".


sounds like she is saying "griesgo". I had to listen many times and use another translator to figure it out as "riesgo"


The woman commonly mispronounces words I have found


the risk is very big why wrong ?


personally I think it sounds better to say the " the risk is too great " than too big .....big is a size that refers to a size of an actual real world object ....risk is a concept not an object


Shouldn't it be "El riesgo es demasiado alto"? "The risk is too high"... Just wondering...


You can use alto as well, just as you can use both "high" and "great" in English.


¡Tenemos que intentarlo, maldición!

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