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Continuous Verbs in Dutch

How do I make the continuous form of a verb in Dutch.?

For example, "I like swimming" or "I like running".

December 15, 2014



Oh, that comes later. That's not continuous, however. That's called a gerund. Scroll down to the bottom of the tree and you'll see "gerund"...


Continuous would be like "I am riding my bike" or "I am eating a sandwich"...

  • Ik ben mijn fiets aan het rijden
  • Ik ben een boterham aan het eten

Kinda weird, isn't it? XD


in Dutch you can't say: "ik ben mijn fiets aan het rijden" you can say: "ik ben aan het fietsen"


Oh I guess I need to review that lesson XD How do you say then, "I am riding my bike" in the continuous?


I guess we'll still say: 'Ik ben aan het fietsen.'.


"Ik ben op mijn fiets aan het rijden" is also correct, but unnecessarily wordy.


Gerunds are used pretty much like they are in English.

  • I like swimming = Ik houd van zwemmen
  • Eating is important = Eten is belangrijk

You don't need to worry about this yet, just do the grammar in order with the tree. It teaches you all the grammar, even stuff you never use in English (for example, "I will have done that")


Ik fiets, jij fietst, wij fietsen. Dutch present tense verbs may seem easy. But are they? But are they?

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