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"Het Koninkrijk van de Nederlanden heeft verschillende gebieden."

Translation:The Kingdom of the Netherlands has different areas.

December 15, 2014



Why is it de Nederlanden here and not Nederland?


The official name of the kingdom of the Netherlands is 'het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden' (der = van de). It's probably 'Nederlanden' because of 'der' (genitive case).


No, it's 'Nederlanden' because it's plural. It comes from the 'Lage Landen' or 'Nederlanden', a historical region in Europe consisting of current the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and small parts of Germany and France. See this map:



It started as the "republic of the seven united Netherlands" (republiek der zeven verenigde Nederlanden)


Yes, I know, but it's plural because of the genetive. The word after 'der' is plural. ;)


No, the genetive would be 'des Nederlands' if singular.


Yes, but after 'der' it's plural. :P

But I get your point, you are right. ;)


Thank god genitive doesn't exist anymore. XD


Haha, agreed. However, we do use it sometimes ('s ochtends; vrouw des huizes) . We even feel poetic when we use the genitive case (prins der dichters).. :P


I have the dutch harry potter book. It is Harry Potter en de steen der wijzen, instead of en de steen van de wijs


The Philosopher's Stone 'De Steen der Wijzen' is not just from Harry Potter, but it is a legendary object. That's why it has such an 'official' name in Dutch. Also, I think it sounds better than 'steen van de wijzen' xD


For daily use you can live without the genitive in Dutch (but not German!). However, if you wish to get to know any great literature in Dutch, you will have to learn it.


Just wondering if it's bad form to say 'the Dutch Kingdom'. Or, more specifically, is that not even used at all? Dank je wel.


It's not used, no. "Het koningkrijk der Nederlanden" is an official name so they can't just use "Het Nederlandse koningkrijk" instead.


Speaking of which, why does the g in koning turn into a k?


I believe the question was about English, and I'd like to know it too, if it's possible to say the Dutch Kingdom in English.


I think it is possible and people would understand you.

[deactivated user]

    Are their general rules related to Dutch spelling? If there are I would like to have them added to the tree.

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