"I run towards the house."

Translation:Jag springer mot huset.

December 15, 2014

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Is it also correct to say "Jag springer till huset"?


Not really, there's a slight difference in meaning. Till huset means you ran up to the house and got there. The sentence above just means your direction of running was towards the house, but not necessarily on to the actual location of the house.


And how would I say that I ran against the house (and broke my nose)?


Both sprang emot and sprang are possible – both are particle verbs, stress the particle strongly.


How does one stress the particle?? English is my native language, it's also rather "flat" compared to other languages. How one effective stress the particle without sounding like I'm having a stroke?? Lol


I think you'll be fine as long as you just don't stress the verb.

Btw there's a very funny pair in this respect: if you run into someone as in 'meet someone by chance' we say stöta in Swedish. But if you're coming on to someone, as in heavy flirting, that's stöta. So sometimes when non native speakers tell you Jag stötte på X i går it's hard to know what they really want to say. :D


You do stress syllables in English. A good example is the word "present". There is a stress in the first syllable in "a present", and in the second one in "to present".


Here we go again till vs mot. Past exercise ' Ankan simmar till flickan was correct, now Jag springer till huset is wrong. Will just keep going hopefully it will eventually sink in. Hope Swedes I come across in the future will forgive me for mixing på vs i and till vs mot. Be patient with me will get there trust m

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