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Swedish a capella groups?

It occurs to me that I'm rather partial to vocal harmony (especially smaller groups... Idea of North/Home Free types)—and I'm listening to a large number of Christmas Carols at the moment. I'd love recommendations of Swedish (or Swedish singing) a capella groups, especially if they have any carols. (And even more so if they don't break into English for a verse or so!) I'm particularly keen to 'meet' some traditional Swedish carols, rather than just translations from English:-)

Tack så mycket

December 15, 2014



Check out the Real Group.


Kraja sing in the Swedish traditional style. I don't know of any recordings of Christmas Carols though. http://open.spotify.com/artist/3o1f5BgwqMgb5PcIa0b7Bq

Vokalkvartetten Vox is a another a capella group, more similar to The Real Group.

Svenska Kammarkören is a great Swedish choir http://www.svenskakammarkoren.se/ The only recording of a Christmas song by them is a version of Michael Praetorius' Det är en ros utsprungen (Es ist ein Ros entsprungen in the original German): http://open.spotify.com/track/3iOLmBYDAfdE4XkgPFxQIW


Have you listened to The Real Group? It's a Swedish a cappella vocal jazz group. They're out of this world! Oh, sorry, I hadn't read other users' responses, aricbills already mentioned them... but yeah... they're fantastic.


Erato have some songs that are in Swedish and acapella, but their music that has instruments still focuses on the vocals. This medley is great, and mostly in Swedish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYWhK1m1Utc

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