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"Det är inget att oroa sig för."

Translation:It is nothing to worry about.

December 15, 2014



why is the translation "there is nothing to worry about " not accepted ?


That would be Det finns inget att oroa sig för in Swedish. There's a difference in meaning here: in the "There is"/"Det finns" versions, reasons to worry do not exist. But in the "It is/Det är" versions, it's a specific thing or situation that does not give cause for concern.


Could this be it isn't anything to worry about?


I would say yes, as a more literal translation of your sentence doesn't sound quite as natural in Swedish. Report it if it still isn't accepted.


It is nothing to be worried about would express the same meaning in English, if not an exact literal translation.


It's best to make your translation as exact as possible on Duolingo though. Your sentence would be closer translated as "Det är inget att vara orolig för."


It's not a literal translation but "it's not worth worrying about " sounds more natural


It sounds more natural, but I think it's a bit too far-removed from the original to be accepted. I would translate that as "Det är inte värt att oroa sig för."


I wrote: "Det är ingenting att oroa sig för." which was marked wrong. Should this be allowed, or do we have to use "inget" here to match back to "Det"?


Since you're writing in this forum, I suppose you got it as a dictation exercise? In that case, you need to write what the voice says. If you get this sentence as a translation exercise from English into Swedish, ingenting is an accepted answer, but then you'd be commenting in the reverse sentence forum instead of here.


I wrote "It is nothing to worry yourself over" if anyone has time, would they mind explaining why that's wrong? Thanks


I'm not a native English speaker, but I don't think "worry yourself over" is natural English.

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