"He lives in the rich part of town."

Translation:Han bor i den rika delen av staden.

December 15, 2014

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vad är skillnad mellan "stad" och "stan" ?


Stad means city, whereas stan is common in spoken or quite informal Swedish instead of staden (the city).

I would not recommend learners to use stan, stick to staden unless you're quite sure about the nuances of the language.


so this is where gamla stan comes from?


I put 'han bor i stadens rika del', thinking that the construction (something) av (something) wasn't really used, but it was marked wrong.


I'm also wondering about this. Is a construction using the possessive possible? Or is it just that 'del' doesn't lend well to that form, kind of how 'the town's rich part' doesn't sound great in English.


It's an interesting question, I'm not sure about this. Hopefully someone comes and clarifies this. I think that if it was marked as wrong is because the possessive implies a possession, and the rich part is not a possession of the city (it's a part of it). Like a brick is part of a house, not the possession of that house (the house never bought a brick). I'm not sure if I'm explaining it properly...

Anyways, I hope some native Swedish speaker can clarify it :)


Question: I wrote, "Han bor i den rika del av staden." which was marked wrong. It's supposed to be delen not del but I'm not sure why. Can someone explain?


You need the definite form since it's a definite.


Ok but is rika the definite form of rich?


Varför accepteras "han bor i stadens rika del" inte?

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