"Do sheep get sheep?"

Translation:Får får får?

December 15, 2014



jag älskar den här meningen

December 15, 2014


It's a Swedish classic! And the answer is nej, får får lamm. (No, sheep get lambs.) :)

December 15, 2014


På Gotland funkar det int så bra för att "får" heter "lamm" på gotländske, och "lamm" heter "lammunge" ^^ Annars ja, den härna meningen låter rätt kul.

October 30, 2015


Vad är det du egentligen vill säga Duolingo??? Hm?

April 19, 2015


This is the craziest sentence I have written so far. ^^

May 5, 2016


Just wait until they add Finnish to Duolingo :) You'll get to write the below dialog with just two characters: "K" and "O":

  • Kokko! Gather up the entire bonfire.
  • The entire bonfire?
  • The entire bonfire.

Which would be:

  • Kokko! Kokoo kokkoo koko kokko.
  • Koko kokkoko?
  • Koko kokko.
June 26, 2017


Teaching Finnish to foreigners is always fun... Personally one of my favorites is "juoksentelisinkohan?" which translates to "I wonder if I should run around aimlessly?"

September 9, 2017


this is fantastic!. Finns must understand roosters! this one reminds me of a Spanish tongue twister thats says so....................... Cómo como poco coco, poco coco compro.........I don't buy coconut, because I don't eat much coconut ......would be the translation more or less.

August 9, 2017


Hahah I love this (:

December 22, 2014


Jag älskar detta språk!

November 18, 2015


Det verkar som om det finns en åtminstone i varje språk... :)

April 30, 2015


I put the right words in assuming I would be wrong. I now know a joke in Swedish. I learned a joke decades ago only someone who knew enough Swedish would get. It involves a kind of hot cereal called Cream of Wheat. The punch line is "Hmph! Tastes like it!" Only the spelling of the last word changes in Swedish. ;-)

September 27, 2017


fish - fisk fiskar - fishes

April 18, 2018


The much more common plural form is actually also "fish".

April 18, 2018


Far, får får får? Nej får får inte får, får får lamm

April 19, 2019
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