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Anki - A good resource to complement your Swedish duolingo!

I know many people are also using Memrise for Swedish, but I have yet to find a real good deck on there. Anki, the free alternative has a really good deck of 2000 common Swedish words:


What I love about this deck is that it has full native pronunciation of all words, it has pictures, and it even has 3-4 sentences of each word in context (with audio too!).

The desktop app is free, and the mobile one is not bad at all. I'm really enjoying it.

To use it, just go to the link above and download that file. You also need the Anki app, found here: http://ankisrs.net/.

December 15, 2014



I use this, and can recommend it. It is helpful for many other things as well as language study. Thanks for sharing the Swedish deck. I will add that to my decks.


hoppas du tycker om lingots :3 tack för sajten


Thanks, I am currently downloading it. I only hope it won't mess up my Anki as it did to another user who recently wrote a review of it. 2000 words should be more than enough for "communicative competence." If someone makes a similar deck in smaller chunks, please post below.


I just tried to find the Anki flashcards and this link doesn't exsist anymore. Does anyone have these cards to share again? Thank you!


(Probably too late for you, but possibly not for others who come to this thread.) Google led me to this thread:


with a working link (as of 2019-04-10). I'm not linking directly, as it's on somebody's google drive.

(Standard disclaimers about downloading untrusted material from the internet apply. For the record, the version I downloaded, by "mccannjake" (with sha256sum 70742ed13f9785b4691167a2aecb2709a19cd05c09333aa1069671f4d8555e25) was a standard apkg deck and didn't have anything suspicious, but that's little evidence for a third party.)


Thanks for sharing! I never liked memrise, so I'm excited to try this one out.

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