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Erased lessons - Troubleshooting

Hey guys, I usually use Duolingo on my mobile device. I completed 2 of the lessons in French, questions and some other one beside it. When duolingo updated, I found that my progress on those two side by side lessons had been erased. I completed them again, then when it updated again, I was disapointed to see that my progress on those lessons was again gone. Does anyone have any idea what happened or how I can fix this? I would really appreciate if someone could look into this for me please. Thanks, -ReadinLover-

December 15, 2014



What a disappointing thing to happen! To get the staff to see your request, edit the topic above to Troubleshooting. Best of luck in finding a resolution.


There's this little rectangular "Support" on the left side of my monitor screen. If it is present on your screen too, you might want to report the problem. I hope you have a nice day. :)


Thanks. I will do that.


This could be that you did the lessons offline. You may want to ask a staff by posting on their stream.


Thank you! Yes, actually, I did do most of them offline while traveling...That's probably why. I will now try to do them all online and see if it makes a difference.


How to I change it to Troubleshooting?

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