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  5. "The birds eat the fruit."

"The birds eat the fruit."

अनुवाद:पक्षी फल खाते हैं।

December 15, 2014

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When i hover over the word birds चिड़ियों is shown as one of the options. I wanted to try it despite knowing that it might be wrong (recalled a song from childhood: ek chidiyaan, anek chidiyaan...) and sure enough it was marked wrong. Is there any other context where चिड़ियों could be right?


"चिड़ियों" is in the "oblique case". These links will help you understand better:

And for where "चिड़ियों" could be right, here are a few sentences:

  • वह चिड़ियों को देखती है - She sees the birds
  • चिड़ियों का खाना कहाँ है? - Where is the food of the birds?
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