"Ett jobb"

Translation:A job

December 15, 2014



what is the difference between ett jobb and ett arbete?


I would like to know that aswell please


ett jobb is more colloquial, but it's still used pretty widely. Other than that, there's no real difference.


Another question - could you say "jobb" as in "er jobb är till..." or is that not the correct usage? And if I butchered that sentence I'm sorry


I'm not quite sure what you wanted to say, my best guess is 'your job is to [do this or that]', in that case, it's possible to say ert/ditt jobb är att … – the to in the English sentence in that case is an infinitive marker that goes with the verb, not a preposition.


Yeah, that's what I meant. Thanks for the reply!


Just out of curiosity, would it sound drastically different (or mean something else entirely) if it were "ett job"?


It would probably be pronounced /εt juːb/ [εt ʝoub] – I can only guess, maybe a moderator could tell you more.


In the end, but only as an amateur who still learns this language, I would agree with you as Germanic languages usually apply doubled consonants to shorten the preceding vowels, as we have removed accents in our language throughout the past few centuries. It used to be applied by scholars and literates of the Middle Ages, although they still used accents like »â« in order to mark vowel length rather than »á/à«, as we see in the Romance languages.


Why is A job ett jobb, but THE job is jobben?


No. The job = jobbet.

Jobben = the jobs

It's a regular word, but ett-words are a bit tricky as they use -en to mean definite plural, whereas en-words take -en to mean definite singular. You'll get the hang of it with practice and time though!


"An occupation" is not acceptable?


I think perhaps 'an occupation' would translate as 'ett yrke', but there's probably quite a lot of overlap, as there is in English with 'job', 'profession', and 'occupation'.


Sorry to intrude this solved query, but do I get the word »occupation« correctly if I understand it analogous to »profession«? Or is »job« more synonymous to »occupation«?


The pronunciation is super weird here.

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