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Just aced a practice, and only got 3/5 strength?

I haven't been using Duolingo over the school semester. I came back, and my skills all seem to have a strength of 3 and 4.

First of all, I was disappointed that there was no way to strengthen all of them at once. And second of all, I tried practicing by clicking "strengthen skills", and got every single question correct, but my strength on the skill only went from a 2 to a 3. Something seems wrong there.

The only thing I can think of is to reset the German course and take the placement test, or to ignore the weak skills. Are there any other options?

December 15, 2014



Strengen skills does not automatically make a skill golden since it doesn't cover everything in a single run. There's vocabulary that you need to repeat and that is part of the skill. Keep practicing and all skills will eventually go back to gold.

Also, looking at your points for the last few days you don't seem to have "aced" any practice - you only have 10 points for the last two days.


He may be on the new progress meter test instead of the hearts test and I think that 10 XP is the max. Even if you get all questions correct.


If a perfect score on the practice only brings the skill strength up by 1 level, and there are 17 questions for a perfect score, I would have to answer 51 questions to bring the strength from 2 to 5. But that's only one skill... I also have 40 other skills that need strengthening (some are at 4/5, others at 3/5, one of them is at 1/5). Turns out I would need to answer 1003 questions 100% correctly if I want to strengthen those skills. Unless I use timed practice, in which case I'd need to answer 295 questions correctly (5 questions per level) - still more than ideal.

There really ought to be another way to make the tree golden. Which is why I'm seriously considering taking the placement test.

And psionpete is correct; 10 points is the max, even though I answered all 17 questions correctly. I wasn't aware I was in a test group, or I may have mentioned that.

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