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  5. "Wie woont erin?"

"Wie woont erin?"

Translation:Who lives in it?

December 15, 2014


! Beware of this difference:
  • Erin = in it
  • Daarin = in that


What about "in there"?


That would just be 'daar.'

Wie woont daar? Who lives there?

Ik vraag me af wie daar woont? I wonder who lives there?

If you wanted to expand that to say, "Who lives there in that house?" or something similar, that would be:

"Wie woont er daar in dat huis?" of iets dergelijks.


There's something hilariously amiss about the way she says "erin" in the audio clip.


I'd seriously like her replaced by Google translator...


"Who lives therein?" was also accepted.


Would "it" here be a house in the previous sentence? As in, "That's a nice house. Who lives in it?"


Ja, dat kan.

A number of these exercise sentences are a bit odd all by themselves, and frankly are not very useful, but do make sense within a given context.

From a children's book:

Pepijn en zijn hond Kroes spelen in de tuin. Opeens is de bal weg. Hij is in een gat gevallen. Maar wat is dat voor een gat? En wie woont erin?

Pip and his dog Fluffy are playing in the yard. Suddenly the ball is gone. It has fallen into a hole. But what kind of hole is that? And who lives in it?


"Who lives within?" Was not accepted


So glad that I got the connection with the German language: It would be "Wer wohnt da(d)rin"!


Is "Who lives in here?" (rejected) wrong?


I am not native Dutch, but I believe that is: Wie woont er hier in . . . ?

"Wie woont er hier in dit gezellige huisje?"

Who lives here in this cozy little house?

Dit is een gezellig huisje. Ik vraag me af wie hier woont?

This is a cozy little house. I wonder who lives here?


Answered my question. Bedankt!


Thanks, debrucenator!


I asked my online Dutch tutor and she would just say "Wie woont hier?" or "Ik vraag me af wie hier woont." (without erin). Who lives here? I wonder who lives here.

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