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"Mitt förhållande till min bror är inte bra."

Translation:My relationship to my brother is not so good.

December 15, 2014



I reported this because relationship with sounds much better in English. Relation to sounds more like a familial relation only (you wouldn't say relation to my friend, for example). They are both accepted, but to say one's relation to someone is not good sounds very odd to me.


Fixed, but I made it My relationship to my brother to make it easier on learners. If you say MItt förhållande med min bror in Swedish, people are going to think the two of you are having an affair, which is not at all implied in förhållande till.


Ha, yes, I can see how words like this can be confusing. Thanks for the tip, I'll need to be careful with förhållande med. Just so I'm clear, förhållande till can still mean relationship with (not necessarily in the way you mentioned), or no?


Mitt förhållande till somebody is strictly speaking about how I feel about them. If you want to make sure you're talking about your mutual relationship with somebody, you should say relation med. This may be a romantic relationship, but definitely does not have to.


Okay, that makes sense, thank you!


Isn't it important to learn about the pitfalls too? I appreciated it a lot in the earlier lessons when I was forced to remember, say, which phrases use a definitive form in English but not in Swedish and so forth. It's aggravating but useful. Now that we have a slightly incorrect official translation it doesn't underline the difference and doesn't alert the learner that there is something to be wary of unless their grasp of English is firm enough to bring them here. I would rather add this explanation to the actual lesson section (which doesn't exist for this category yet) and use the correct translation all the way through.


I agree here - it's important to point out the differences between languages, including with prepositions. For example in German, you say 'I interest myself for music' if directly translating 'I'm interested in music'. Surely it makes sense to highlight the areas where prepositions are different to those in English?


I don't feel that by using "to" you have made anything "easier" for learners. On the contrary, you simply irritate the learner, and lead him to believe that you don't know English. The English sentence is just plain wrong, and if you wrote the English sentence correctly, using "with," learners would learn that the nuance they want to express in Swedish would be done using "till." People with brains in their heads would notice what is going on.

Use "till" in the Swedish sentence, and use "with" in the English version. No one here is demanding that "med" be used in the Swedish version of the sentence.


But it's not the Swedish wording that's being questioned here. No one is asking to say 'med min bror' but to have a translation of the sentence that is good English.


I would agree that "relationship with" sounds much better. In fact, as alluded to by CrazyChao, saying "relationship to" doesn't really have a meaning that jives with the health of the relationship. My relationship to my brother is that I am his brother. This doesn't become good or bad in itself. My relationship with my brother can change depending on whether e.g. I listen to him or stop talking to him. So, I think that "relationship with" is really the only correct answer for this sentence and should at least be the default answer.

I do appreciate the explanation by Arnauti on the Swedish difference and I will try not to say that "jag har ett förhållande med min bror" :)


Watching Sex and the City with Swedish subtitles helped me decipher this sentence. Hurra!


can someone do a HUUUGEEEE favor and let me know all the meaning of till?!


That's not really possible - it's a very versatile word, and it has loads of uses.


Does "till" mean "to" and "med" mean "with"?


As a very general rule, yes.


Shouldn't it be with instead of a to?


Please refer to the top-level comment thread.


Why can't this also be "My relationship with my brother is not very good"? We would normally not say "so good" in English?


Adding that. :)


That's something of a generalisation. 'Not very good' is a perfectly normal way of describing a relationship in UK English.


Why Mitt and Min are used for similar word -My? Could someone please explain?


It depends on the gender of the object they're related to.

  • förhållande is an ett-word, so it's mitt förhållande
  • bror is an en-word, so it's min bror


'My relationship with my brother is not so great' was marked wrong?


translation for English needs to be WITH my brother - TO my brother is very different meaning. Happy to learn the till here means with, but the translation needs to be with - tack!


I agree with previous posts - you can not have a relationship to someone in your family - with someone is the only answer


I would say "with my brother", not "to my brother". As others have commented, it is probably grammatically correct, but it doesn't quite give you the meaning that I think is intended. Even though "med" might be confusing in Swedish, I find "to" to be awkward in English.


My relationship to my brother is always that we are siblings it has no level of good or bad, either ditch this or change to 'relationship with' I got this correct but only because the logical word to use was the 'to' as it was a word select exercise.


What is the difference, if any, between god and bra?


god is either referring to taste or to the characteristic in a human ("they're good people"), and bra is other kinds of good. That covers the overwhelming majority of cases.


the first time around I used with and was rejected. I have the same opnion as CrazyChao. I cahnged to "to" to contnue the test.


"to my brother" is utterly wrong in this context...


My relationship TO my brother..??

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