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Dumb American!

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Why are there so many differnt words for the word WRITE!? Escibe, escriben, escribo, escribimos....WTF!!!!

5 years ago


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English also has different forms of the same verb, although not as many: write, writes, wrote, written, writing.
In many European languages, the ending of a verb changes both to indicate a different subject (I, you, he/she/it, we, they, etc.) and to form some different tenses. In English, our only change of form to indicate a different subject is for the pronouns he, she and it (third person singular), where write changes to writes, do changes to does, and so on. In Spanish, subject pronouns are very often omitted because they are not needed; "escribo" implies "yo escribo", for example.

5 years ago


Escribe, escriben, escribo, escribimos are all the same word. Escribo = I write. Escribe = (he/she/it) writes. Escribimos = we write. Escriben = they write.

There is also Escribes = you write.

5 years ago

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Hint: Whenever the exercise offers the possibility "conjugate", open it and look at the forms a verb has. In Spanish the verb has different endings for "I", "you", "he/she/it", "we", "you plural" and "they" The formal form is in singular like "he" and in plural like "they". Different tneses are shown by variations of these endings.

5 years ago

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As a fellow learner of Spanish, the conjugation of verbs in present past and future is one of the tricky things we have to learn but things will get better!

5 years ago