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"The police only want to help you."

Translation:Polisen vill bara hjälpa dig.

December 15, 2014



As a law student, I can tell you that this is not true.

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If you want to say "the police will only help you" (and not him, for instance), you would say "Polisen hjälpar dig bara" ? And if so, you just distinguish between present tense or future tense by the context ?


We often use the present tense to speak about future events, but there needs to be some support for that interpretation in the sentence. In this case, I'd take the sentence Polisen hjälper bara dig to really refer to the present, so it would mean 'The police helps/is helping only you' in English.
'The police will only help you [and not him]' should be translated as Polisen kommer bara att hjälpa dig [och inte honom].

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Thank you for the quick answer :)


why this is wrong "Polisen vill ha bara att hjälpa dig"?


vill ha means "want to have" rather than just "want", and vill is a modal verb so it doesn't take the att.


Hmm, I put Poliserna as I thought of the police as a group of individuals as opposed to a single policeman.


Yeah, I think we need to accept that. Adding it now.


I have given this correct answer three times and have had it rejected three times! Very disappointing and unreasonable!


We can't see what you put.


I put "polisen bara vill hjälpa dig". Why is it not accepted?


v2 rule - the verb wants to go second.

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