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  5. I need a new password reset.


I need a new password reset.

I'm trying to change my password and need a new password reset. Thank you!!

December 15, 2014



This is a public discussion board - people here can't help you reset your password.

Log out of your account and go to https://www.duolingo.com/forgot_password to reset your password.


I know that's how you change your password but what I needed was a password reset because the forgot password thing wasn't working.


I too have this problem - any suggestions - password reset function from the website is not sending emails - Help please


That does not work! The system is broke


My wife and I have the same problem. When we try to submit a support request to get help, we receive an email giving us the same password reset instructions we tried. We are also instructed to check our spam folder. We found nothing there. We feel like we are being sent in circles.


just in case anyone has the same issue, here's the solution! the link I recieved in the email missed a "$" before the word "email" like ...reset_password$email=fkgjkdlfg&token=368


My board of education blocks emails for password reset for forgotten passwords. How do students get a new password otherwise?


Accidentally logged out of my account, was logging back in and it said my password was wrong, so I pressed reset password and it sent me an email I received the email and tapped the link that it showed me, and it took me to the reset page, I reset my password and it accepted it but then when I tried to log in again with the new password it wouldn't let me. Help please it took me ages to get to where I am on duolingo.


To the left of the words I am typing appears my identity image, the Asian boy stretched along the back of a water buffalo with his hands cupped beneath his tail, appears. This message i type is in reference to the instruction that i "request a new password set." I do not understand why my signature identity is retained while i am in this password reset absurdity. I am a paying customer and would have the progress I have made retained.

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