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Vocabulary Decrease and Thank You

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I noticed my French vocabulary just decreased by a significant number and I believe it's the result of words that were added by that immersion bug being removed. If that is indeed the case, then I would just like to say thank you very much to the devs and fixer-uppers responsible. Really, there were so many of them and they were driving me nuts! You guys are great and I really appreciate this fix and all the hard work you guys must do.

July 16, 2013



I have mixed feelings about this. First I thought I was learning the vocabulary fast, too fast, compared to learning other languages. Now, however, after the second change, I feel a bit cheated to lose vocabulary by the day. Not very motivating.


I do too! Why can't DL explain what is going on? I have searched and searched and not find where DL has explained this new word count and why it is decreasing. I was down 100, and now I am down another 100. I have been on a three week vacation without a computer, but I do know that the Spanish tree is revised, but where is the explaination to the users????


Hopefully, you are correct. I'm trying to learn Spanish and and found evidence the total number of words to be learned was 1735. With all the recent changes can someone tell me the new total to be learned? I had accumulated a count of words learned slightly above 1,000, but now it is reduced to something over 700.


Hi i study Spanish and enjoying it a loooot. Today the nomber of words I learned decreases / why so?


I also appreciate the vocabulary decrease. After trying the immersion once and translating a few sentences the learning curve with the unexpected new words and concepts had gotten too steep. I just had to focus solely on practicing and not progressing with the lesson tree. Thanks!

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