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Typing accented characters in Linux and Mac OS X

Brief instructions on how to enter Spanish accented characters and Spanish symbols in Linux and Mac OS X.

Mac OS X:

¡ - Option-1

¿ - Shift-Option-/

á, í - etc. Option-e then letter

ñ - Option-n then n


First, find your keyboard layout settings and define a Compose key. I normally use RightAlt. Once defined, tap and release each key below (that is, it's not used like a shift key, but a pre-modifier key):

¿ - Compose ? ?

¡ - Compose ! !

á, í, etc. - Compose ' (letter)

ñ - Compose ~ n

Personally I prefer the Linux method, it's more intuitive and you can usually figure out a new character. For example, the Euro sign is Compose C =

There's another insight here that explains Windows.

May 3, 2012



Firefox has an addon that takes care of this, AbcTajpu (not sure why it is named that). This is useful for your linux users.


Thanks, I had tried it out before reading this, but had been holding down the compose key. Thanks for your instructions.

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