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Grammar Cheat Sheet

I want to suggest a way to address grammar issues on Duolingo. The idea came to me when I saw how often times explanations on lesson discussion boards will have may iterations and how the same issue may be addressed differently on different discussion boards and if you combine that with the way Duolingo sets up their Immersion articles, you have a perfect way to have sort of a community supported Grammar cheat sheet. A cheat sheet in that it would be this very succinct report of many rules. So in the same way as the immersion articles have every sentence were you can edit it and all the edits are saved, any Duolingo user can edit any rule or explanation thats on the cheat sheet, the only difference with the Immersion article is you can actually add content to the cheat sheet. You could even add a question and it would later be edited with the answer. So every language tree could have their own cheat sheet link.

July 16, 2013


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