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married aunts and uncles


I realized something today... my father's sister is my farster, and my father's brother is my farbror - but what about my father's brother's wife? I call her aunt - but she's not my father's sister. Do you still say farster, or do you have a special word?


December 15, 2014



Yes, it's normal to call your father's brother's wife "faster". And "farbror" is even more general, since that can be "any old man". Before, when children did not use "du" to address friends of their parents, it was common to say for example "tant Ulla" och "farbror Sven".


Speaking of the vocabulary for Swedish relatives, I love this! What a great system.


Tack! And I wasn't sure whether it was farstrer or faster... faster it is, then. And I was just watching Pippi Långstrump, now I get why it sounded like that woman was called 'tant Priscilla'! (I think it was Priscilla, anyway). (edit: pruzelius, apparantly :P)


Oh yes, that is Prussiluskan :)! Did you know that the tant Pruzelius actress was German by the way (in the original series that is)? I never understood that as a child but apparently she was dubbed here.


that's weird indeed! I used to watch a dubbed version too, when I was a child, but that's obvious for me of course. (and oh wow, how fake everything looks now... I'm afraid I grew up :( )

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