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  5. "Is het een rok of een jurk?"

"Is het een rok of een jurk?"

Translation:Is it a skirt or a dress?

December 15, 2014



If I was saying this in English I would leave out the second article and just say "is it a skirt or dress?" Is this done in dutch also, or are articles always used?


Not necessarily so. In English, one can use the article in front of both items, usually for emphasis. It's a matter of taste though.
What I cannot say is how the articles work in Dutch. To this end, I'd say let's stick with this format until we get a substantive statement from someone with a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of Dutch.


This doesnt answer the question. This just says the same thing but longer


Do you mean is too long for you?


I guess it depends how tall you are.


Doesn't het sometimes mean that or am I thinking of something else? I put "is that a skirt or a dress" which is the same thing in English.


No not really, "het" can mean "the" or "it". "That" would be "dat".


Rok m • From Middle Dutch - Roc • from Old Dutch - Rok • from Proto-Germanic - Rukkaz - ( a robe, jacket, skirt, tunic • from Proto-Indo-European ruk- • rukn- • rug- • *ruǵ- ( to spin ) • from Proto-Indo-European - kreḱ- ( to weave )


Whats the difference between a skirt and a dress?


Skirt goes only down from waistband.

Dress is both above and below waistband.

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