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Nicht oder Keine ?

Hi, I was practicing and then I see this sentence: 'Das Kind isst nicht Nudeln'. I think Duolingo is wrong and the correct sentence may be: 'Das Kind isst keine Nudeln'. What do you think ? Duolingo is right ? Thanks.

October 27, 2012



Nicht = don't, negation of the verb. Kein(e) = no/none, negation of the noun. Keine Nudeln = I eat no noodle (but I eat something else) Das Kind isst nicht Nudeln = the child is not eating noodles (not at all!)

Does that help?


It depends on what the speaker wants to say. "..ist keine .." is more common, however, ".. ist nicht .." is correct but emphasizes the negation of the action - i.e. NOT eating.


Hey Dan, you are absolutely right ! It should say "Das Kind isst keine Nudeln". It means that the child dislike noodles and usually doesn't eat them. It does NOT refer to something that is happening right now.

If someone from Duolingo reads this => please correct it ! Thank you

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