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Typing accented characters in Windows

To type accented characters in Windows, this works for me:-

For the following numerics you MUST use the numeric keypad on the RHS of the keyboard.

á - Alt + 160 Á - Alt + 0193 é - Alt + 130 É - Alt + 0201 í - Alt + 161 Í - Alt + 0205 ó - Alt + 162 Ó - Alt + 0211 ú - Alt + 163 Ú - Alt + 0218

Not very elegant I know.

May 3, 2012



Apparently Windows now supports a similar schema to Linux:


Also, I see that you can buy keyboard stickers for standard keyboards that convert them to various international layouts, then you change your layout setting in the OS too. Search on Amazon, they have many different sticker sets.


Many thanks @joatca. The link you provided led me to discover that on my keyboard, if you use the apostrophe key (situated next to "ñ") the action is delayed until the next key is pressed. If the next key is a letter that can take an accent then it will be accented. So apostrophe key followed by "a" gives á and so on for á, é, í, ó, ú. SIMPLE (when you know how!).


For people with standard "English (US)" keyboards, there's a standard alternate layout called "English (US International)" that adds various characters and symbols using the Right-Alt or AltGr key without changing any of the standard keys. I found a company called 4keyboard.com that sells transparent overlay stickers that add the extra symbols to your keys. Look for Language Stickers > English US International. I can't vouch for their quality but they're certainly cheap.

@iberian I guess, being in Spain, you already have a Spanish keyboard. :)


Why don't you just install Spanish Accents Capslock? It's a small app that sits in the system tray and lets you type the accents easily with pressing the relevant button with the Capslock. eg: Caps+a -> á, Caps+n -> ñ No need to memorize all the numbers.

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