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A Puzzle Piece?

Okay. I finally got off of my butt and got into the immersion section. I found something in an article that was incorrect- basically a typo in the English. I fixed it and continued on.

Now on my stream it shows that I earned a gold coin and a puzzle piece. The gold coin I grok- but the puzzle piece? Is there a puzzle piece counter on my page or perhaps some secret Owluminati place that tallies puzzle pieces?


July 16, 2013



We don't have translation counts visible right now, but it's something we'd like to add in soon.


When I first started Duolingo on the iPhone, I saw that there were puzzle pieces, but didn't know what they were. When I translated a sentence in immersion for the first time, I saw that I had earned one. (Yay!) I love the new update on the iPhone, but would like to see my puzzle pieces come back! :D


We don't have translations on the iPhone yet, but when we do you'll see those counts again.

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