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"At the fair there are also stands that sell candy."

Translation:Op de kermis zijn er ook kraampjes die snoep verkopen.

December 16, 2014



On Friday, May 1st, 2015 at 10:39PM EDT, this question finished my Dutch tree! :)


Not "bij de kermis"? There's even a painting, "Kaartverkoop bij de kermis" that illustrates this sentence.


Yeah, I also thought it would be "bij de kermis". I'm not sure why that doesn't work.


Onzin, "er" is hier niet nodig. ("er" is not necessary here)


Really? I had thought that every time we had 'there are' in English, we needed to use 'er zijn/zijn er'.


The "er" is an empty element, only there to give the verb something to work with if there arent enough sentence parts. However, in this sentence it is already stated what there is (namely stands) and where they are (at the fair), so in Dutch the "er" becomes optional or even obsolete, and as a native speaker I wouldn't use it in this sentence


I would agree with fkarelsz - the 'er' is not necessary here


How do you determine whether to use "die" or "dat" in "die snoep verkopen"?


You use die if the noun it's referring to takes de as a definite article/determiner or it's a person, and dat if it's a het noun.

In this case, die is referring back to (de) kraampjes.

For more information, please see http://www.dutchgrammar.com/en/?n=Pronouns.rl02 and ss.


Kermis is not synoniem of fair

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