"The ice cream costs twenty one crowns."

Translation:Glassen kostar tjugoen kronor.

December 16, 2014

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No - it's normally tjugoen, trettioen, fyrtioen, etc., no matter the gender of the word: tjugoen kronor (en krona), tjugoen hus (ett hus).

There are a few important exceptions. The Swedish Language Council gives examples: nummer femtioett, tjugoett öre, fyrtioett år (number fifty-one, twenty-one öre, forty-one years); and when year/number is implied: "Han är tjugoett" (He is twenty-one); and for time: "16.31 utläses sexton trettioett" (16.31 is read sixteen thirty-one).


If I remember correctly that's about 2€... Which would have shocked me when I was a child but is pretty normal today :-/


Only the first scoop, the more ice cream the cheaper the price per scoop.

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