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Tips and notes

Please, pretty please with sugar on top, bring this feature to the mobile version. There is a lot that is missed for those that can not access the web version or choose to use only the mobile version. Thank you.

December 16, 2014


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In general I would appreciate giving the app access to everything the site has. Apparently the vast majority of Duolingoers are app users, and honestly I can't imagine only using the app. The great strength of Duolingo, IMO, is all of the information readily available outside of the exercises. I really only ever use the so that I can get some quick review in when I happen to have some spare time while I'm out, never for really learning the language.


At first I used the app and when I would read the comments I noticed replies would mention the tips and notes but everytime I would look for them at the beginning of the lesson I never found them. It would be nice if there was a link or something in the lesson that would suggest checking out the website or feature a link or something.


As I was only using the app on my phone and didn't actually visit the website for weeks, I literally didn't know there was even Tips and Notes for a long time.


Yes , I think so too, but if you can access the web on your phone you could open a separate web file to look at them. It is not so convenient though.


I tried and it opened everything the app has only.


Which language are you learning English from? Not every lesson has Tips and Notes, but for the ones that do, you would click on the circle of the skill set that you wanted to learn about and then scroll down. Try clicking on this for an example, from the German from English course. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Basics-1

Is that a Japanese flag? What language are you learning that one from? I thought the Japanese from English course is still hatching.


From English, it is working nicely, even though there aren't as many features as other more developed languages have.

Tried your link but I am at the basics... I tried checking a complete tree and couldn't open it. Is my app outdated?

Just a reminder, I'm talking about android app, not desktop, as a PC/Mac.


You cannot access it from the app. You would need to open an internet connection or web browser on your phone or tablet and then access www.duolingo.com which is the same version used on the PC. Then don't forget that if you logged out of your app that you will need to log into the web version using the same username and password as your app. I do it all the time from my androids. I am currently on the computer. This discussion is on the web version though, and so you should have access to the web version, unless (I just thought of this) did you create a new password? You cannot check Tips and Notes for the later lessons until you have progressed to them. Here is the Basics 1 page for Portuguese from English, you should be able to access it through the web. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/pt/Basics-1

If you accidentally created a new account for the web version, go up to your user name for a drop down menu and click on Logout. Then log in with your same username and password from your app.

I am jealous, I haven't been able to get Japanese from English yet at all. When did you start to have access to it from your android?

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