"You are in the wrong place."

Translation:Du är på fel ställe.

December 16, 2014

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'i translated this sentence to: "du är i det fela stället" but it is not accepted. my question is: where is the definition form for the word "ställe"?, shouldn't we put "det" before the adjective "fel" and "a" at the end of it, and "t" at the end of the word "ställe"?


Swedish wouldn't use definite form in this case, that's why there is none here. A bit tricky indeed. Furthermore, fel is one of those tricky adjectives that don't want den or det.


Is there a list of these "tricky" adjectives somewhere?

It is hard to google this specific question.


Why är på instead of ligger i?


Just idiomatic differences. You're in a place in English, but a place in Swedish. The exception would be if you're actually inside.


I wrote "Du är i fel plats" and it was marked as wrong, but I would like what is exactly my mistake. Is it the "i"? Is it "plats"? Should I use the definite form in this case? Can someone, please, tell me what's exactly wrong in this sentence?


It's the preposition - you are always a place in Swedish.


I see, so if I write "Du är på fel det platset" would be right?


Du är på fel plats is correct. :)


Good to know, thank you very much :D

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    Why not platsen? Instead of ställe


    fel plats and fel ställe both work. However it must be indefinite in either case because that's how fel works.

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