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Any news on the Words-Tab for Irish?

I haven't been using Duo for the last two/three months so I'm not too sure about what was updated in the meantime.

I see that Irish still has no Words-Tab. Is that because of the Beta? Is there any chance it will get one while still in Beta? Or do we have to be patient until release? The German > French course is also still in Beta but it had the Words since the beginning of the new (now not really anymore) words lists. Why didn't Irish get it so far? Are there other courses that don't have it yet?

I would greatly appreciate having it because vocabulary is so hard to learn in a new language.
I was using the Vocab script addon that someone made while the old Vocab feature was gone but it has never been working at all with Irish. So there is no real possibility at the moment to get any vocabulary summary.

December 16, 2014



We currently don't have any ETA for the Words tab for our course, so I can't really say if we'll get it before or after leaving Beta. The words tab isn't yet available for Dutch, Danish or Swedish either so maybe team Duo are working on developing it for these new(er) courses.


Thank you. That's just what I wanted to know. If you (as team Irish) had any more information.

Well then, if only Duolingo knows, I'm not gonna hold my breath. But will be pleased when it should be showing up some day... ;-)


I completely agree. That is strange; I hadn't noticed it. There has been a lot of talk about the Irish... learning segment in general. You might want to check out all of "AlexinIreland"'s posts. He has some cool things to say.


I don't have the Words tab for English -> Dutch either.

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