"Papiret har en beskidt kant."

Translation:The paper has a dirty edge.

December 16, 2014

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Is there a better word for "dirty" than literally "beshitten?"


You can use snavset

But beskidt does not mean that something has shit on it

Skidt is dirt dust, spiderwebs and stuff like that. It is also a foul way og saying that you have used the toilet ( a form of the verb skide)but what comes out of a person is never skidt

Shit in danish is lort. To say something is covered in shit you could say belortet. It is mostly used as a swear word but will be understood. (Belortet is not recognized as a word by dansk sprognævn)


The grund-form of 'beskidt' is already with a 't' ? (eg : this word is well written or not ?)

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Yes, it is beskidt for both common and neuter, with the e-form being beskidte


Thanks ! have a lingot :)

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To confuse me, "kant" is "side" in Dutch and I almost wrote that.


Might a Dane use arket or papirarket instead of papiret?


We might, but that makes the sentence even more specific. "Ark" is specifically one piece of paper, but in this sentence "papir" could in principle mean a whole stack of paper, as long as it is seen as a unit, like an unwrapped ream of printer paper.


Thanks. I understand about the specificity of a sheet of paper - I was thinking that a stack of paper would have a side rather than an edge, and just wanted to check that one could use "ark" here as a stand-alone word.

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