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how to get strength bar and progress bar?

Hi, so there was a new update that replaced the hearts with a strength bar and I have tried everything to try and change to the bar from the hearts: logging in and out, using a different browser, and refreshing the page but I still have the hearts! How can I get the bar instead?

Also, a feature I really appreciated was that at the end of each lesson, there was a little gold bar that would show how close I was to the next level. For some reason that disappeared!

My friend has both of these features and all she did was log in, but why is it not working for me?

I have tried contacting Duolingo, but I have not heard anything yet.

Thanks for the help!

December 16, 2014



With the new strength bar, how can users earn lingots? I have passed skills without getting any wrong but didn't receive any lingots for it..


They're still running an A/B test with the strength bar and the hearts, so at most half of the users have the bar at the moment. If you were to swap group it would skew the results, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait for it until it's released for everyone - assuming it even passes the test.


I somehow didn't see this post.


No worries, we probably posted at the same time!


The strength bar is still in testing phase and implemented for 50% of users on the Web. Based on the test results, it may or may not be implemented for all users.


Thanks so much! But what about the progress bar? Does that come with the update?


I am not sure I have ever observed that. But then I am in another test group where I am able to see the XP information on my profile.


The progress bar is an A/B test; it should come in a while to all users (if it is approved)!

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