"Have you just assumed that?"

Translation:Har du bara antagit det?

December 16, 2014

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I thought of "just" as "moments ago" so I translated "har du just antagit det?" and it was wrong. Is that not a valid translation?


jag tror att "Have you just assumed it?" är bättre än "Have you just assumed that?"


Not necessarily. Den/det does not perfectly translate to it. There are cases where English would use that while Swedish would use det, like this one.


This doesn't instantly seem like a natural English sentence (American English, anyway)

Is this like someone asking "Have you been assuming it to be the case, or do you know for sure?" or is the "just" like saying "have you just now assumed that?"

The latter seems much more awkward, but the former seems odd without context.


I believe that it is the first if I properly understand Swedish 'bara'. It means 'only', so to me it is: Have you only assumed it (or you are certain that this is the case)? But I am not native to any of the two languages, so...


It feels like a natural English sentence to me. Maybe it has to do with my field? I am an engineer, we talk about assumptions a lot, it's something we frequently have to define if we're not given all our requirements, for example.


Shouldn't it be "det där" instead of "det"

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