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That makes it level 25 for this Afrikaans second-language speaker.

Ik voel me heerlijk! Proost!

December 16, 2014



That's incredibly impressive Lahure, especially since we do not have immersion yet.

Would you be the first to have reached level 25 in Dutch, I wonder... You might be!

Thanks for investing so much time in our course! :)

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I loved your course on account of its most amusing content! It kept me thoroughly entertained. Being fluent in Afrikaans helped of course, I guess. Ik vond het geweldig en interessant.


Wow! That's some dedication! Thanks for your enthusiasm and being a part of our community :)

Now if only they would get that flair right... Surely you'd want to wear your 25 loud and proud here in the forums!

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Dat is erg vriendelijk van je Kai! Congratulations on your magnificent progress with so many languages! The 25 is no big deal. Ik trakteer je op een drankje. Wat wil je drinken ? Mijn rondje.


Dat zou natuurlijk heel fijn zijn. Doe mij maar een biertje!


Quite an accomplishment. Congratulations.

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