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  5. "Tá píosa sa mhála sin."

" píosa sa mhála sin."

Translation:There is a piece in that bag.

December 16, 2014



A piece of what? A gun?


That was my first guess!


Pretty sure 'piece' doesn't translate figuratively. Gun is 'gunna' by the way


It's a piece of something, not a gun. 'Piece' would not refer to a gun in Ireland.


Growing up in Northern Ireland, we referred to a piece of bread and butter or a packed lunch as a piece. So it would be quite normal to put your piece in that bag


She pronounces "mhála" with a 'v' sounds for 'mh' where I would use a 'w' sound. Is this a dialect thing, and if so which dialects do what? (Or am I just completely wrong? :)


Huh. Why is mhála lenited here but I just did a question in which the answer was an mála (not lenited after the definite article).


Mála is a masculine noun - only feminine nouns are lenited after an.

But prepositions change things up. Some generate eclipsis when the definite article is present (ar an mbord), but i becomes sa when the definite article is involved and causes lenition for all nouns, masculine and feminine. (except in Connacht, where they are eclipsed!)


It marked "there is a bit in that bag" as a wrong answer. I reported it because I think it should also be counted as correct, but is it?

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