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"Gruppearbejde er hårdt for alle medlemmer af gruppen."

Translation:Group work is hard for all members of the group.

December 16, 2014



How do you say "you hit the nail on the head" in Danish?

You guys seem to work well enough together though! :)


Team members should also be a correct alternative


If hard means solid or hard, how can it apply to an abstract like teamwork? Obviously the word is used in the non-literal sense. So: hard = difficult. Easy, wouldn't you agree? Duo? Anyone? Please re-work this one. Please.


I was curious about this, so I looked up both bab.la and Cambridge English-Danish dictionary. Hårdt is used for the abstract version of hard as well: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english-danish/hard


On can understand what groupwork is but one wouldn't find it in a dictionary, people tend to say teamwork and it doesn't have a different meaning, OK?


"Teamwork" is the common term in English.


Group work has a different meaning to teamwork. It usually refers to a classroom setting (whether at school or a training session in a business environment), with a finite timeline and task - usually an exercise to be completed, often with a presentation or report at the end.

Teamwork tends to either refer to an ongoing project (a sports team, or maybe a sub-department in a business) with targets to be achieved repeatedly (winning matches, reaching sales targets each month, etc.), or to people spontaneously working together to overcome something (often unforeseen).

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