"The nervous dog is living with my aunt."

Translation:Den nervösa hunden bor hos min faster.

December 16, 2014

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why it's nervösa if it's hundEN?


Indefinite: en vit hund

Definite: den vita hunden

In other words, in definite the adjectives take the plural form. Remember two things:

1) The adjective "liten" (small) has a separate definite and plural form. Den lilla vita hunden. Små vita hundar.

2) This doesn't happen when the adjective is on the other side of the verb. Only when the adjective is next to the thing it's describing. For example you'd say "Den lilla vita hunden är här." but "Den här hunden är liten och vit."


I have the same question. Hopefully, a mod will answer?


You use the definite form of the adjective when the noun is in definite form, and usually the definite form of the adjective matches the plural form.


why is 'bor med' wrong here


That makes it sound like the dog rents a room at your aunt's place, or is connected to her in some way reserved for humans.

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So is "bor hos" reserved for animals only?


Isn't "at my aunt" a better translation here because it is closer to the Swedish meaning?


I see there seem to be two different words for an English word aunt, but I do not see (clearly yet) the difference between Swedish faster and moster.

Can I also say "Den nervösa hunden bor hos min faster." instead ?

PS. Yes, I see that it is another correct answer. How come there are two different Swedish words for an English word aunt, I wonder!?


Moster = mors syster Faster = fars syster

Both mean aunt in English but through different branches of the family tree.


I put bor med min faster, wrong?


Why can lever not be used instead of bor?


difference between hos and med?


Hos implies ownership. Living "hos" someone means he or she is the host or the owner of the place. Living "med" someone means you both live at some place and doesn't tell you anything about who owns the place. It could be a hotel or a rented apartment.

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