"I need to exercise more."

Translation:Jag behöver träna mer.

December 16, 2014

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Kan man inte säga: jag behöver att träna mer.?


No, we don’t use the ”att” with ”behöva”.


For some reason, my mind keeps thinking that "behöver" does need "att"... Annoying.


I have a smiilar question to this. When to use -att- before the verb and when not to?


Do you already have an answer to this question? I'm struggeling with the same thing all the time :-(


Everytime i leave out words like 'ar', 'med', or 'på' they say its wrong because in that instance i needed them in. But then everytime i leave them in, i get it wrong because i was supposed to leave them out...

What is the trick to knowing when to keep unimportant words like that in, and when to keep them out?


In this case "träna" is in its base form so it's assumed "att" is there invisibly. The words you mentioned are more like prepositions, and add meaning to speech. The more you hear Swedish, the easier it will become.


Why is behöver correct ? I thought it was just for present tense


Yes, behöver is only used for present tense, but the English sentence is in the present tense too.


So here we can't use "fler" because it is for countable nouns. We should instead use "mer" (for countable nouns and as an adverb). Am I right? Am I missing anything?


I'm not an expert on grammar but I believe that's correct. One thing I can tell you for sure is that "fler" is wrong unless you're for example training dogs.


I think Duo's trying to tell me something.

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