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"Sønnen lever i farens skygge."

Translation:The son lives in the father's shadow.

December 17, 2014



Would: "The son lives in the danger's shadow" also be possible?


I agree totally with Hantastisch. It is quite possible to say someone lies in the shadow of danger. Especially as this lesson introduces the word faren for danger.


That's what i thought...if they teach us "faren" means the father and the danger ..then i apply what i learnt :) wouldnt be the 1.time duolingo has dramatic sentences...didnt work out though :(


The spelling 'faderens skygge' should also be allowed as this is the most commonly used.

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Is "skygge" derivated from "sky" ?


Here, it says it is indeed derived from a Nordic word called "sky" which means "condensed water vapour" :D https://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?query=skygge


Is there any way this could be accepted without the apostrophe in the English translation? I know it should be there, but I am not learning English ☺️. And the rest of the course has trained me to not bother with any punctuation in my answers.


No! The apostrophe in the English sentence is necessary. Otherwise it would be plural. It's not punctuation either, but a grammatical mistake.

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