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"Sønnen lever i farens skygge."

Translation:The son lives in the father's shadow.

December 17, 2014



Would: "The son lives in the danger's shadow" also be possible?


No. Completely different meaning.


Of course it has a completely different meaning, but the sentence "Sønnen lever i farens skygge" could possibly be translated as that? Writing 'the father's' as 'faderens' of course would take away that ambiguity.


Ahhh... I see what you mean. That is quite clever but not very possible to imagine that used in a sentence...


I wondered the same thing, and I can easily imagine that sentence to be used. Quite a common metaphor, I would say.


Maybe by a foreigner, but it is not a commonly known phrase in Denmark. Actually I had never heard it before (and I'm a native Dane)


Poetry, my dear friends! Poetry! ;)


I agree totally with Hantastisch. It is quite possible to say someone lies in the shadow of danger. Especially as this lesson introduces the word faren for danger.


That's what i thought...if they teach us "faren" means the father and the danger ..then i apply what i learnt :) wouldnt be the 1.time duolingo has dramatic sentences...didnt work out though :(


The spelling 'faderens skygge' should also be allowed as this is the most commonly used.

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Is "skygge" derivated from "sky" ?


Here, it says it is indeed derived from a Nordic word called "sky" which means "condensed water vapour" :D https://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?query=skygge


Is there any way this could be accepted without the apostrophe in the English translation? I know it should be there, but I am not learning English ☺️. And the rest of the course has trained me to not bother with any punctuation in my answers.

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