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Where to use Swedish?

I have been asked lately, "where would you ever use swedish outside of living in sweden? Why not learn some other language like french or mandarin?". Anyone have answers to this dilemma?

December 17, 2014



People always ask what the use for different languages is, when are you gonna use it, who are you gonna talk to? Why can’t you learn a language because you think it’s fun, or it makes you feel good, or you think it’s interesting and do it is as recreation? Any reason to learn a language is a good one and an equally valid one.


My family is Swedish, but my grandparents did not teach their children. I remember hearing my grandmother speak it when I was young, and I loved the sound of it. I want to study it for sentimental reasons, but I also want to visit Sweden.


You'd be surprised where you can find speakers of any given language.


My answer to your friends would be that 'I'd speak Swedish wherever I found a Swedish speaker - it's a beautiful language and worth knowing for that reason alone'.


Swedish is actually pretty prevalent in Texas. That said, unless you're going to live in France, why learn French, and same for Mandarin?

It's a world of international communications. There are practical uses for every language, apart from just wanting to learn them for self-fulfillment purposes. For many users on this site, learning languages is as enjoyable as studying art.


Britanny, not to disprove your point, because I think your reasons are relevant, but just for your information, French is a really bad exemple and is one of the most spoken language out of its native country, for exemple I live in Canada; Quebec and my native language is french.


French is actually the second most used language by other country. :)


Good point, French was a bad example.


Once my Swedish is good enough, I'll read a book in Swedish (after I finish doing so in German, Spanish, French, Russian, and maybe some others)


Vancouver, so many Swedish people here (And the Sedins!!)

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