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Where is the grammar?

I just started with French in Duolingo, and I am missing some grammar lessons. IMHO, it is indispensable to know some grammar, otherwise one learns a little like a parrot does. I am still at the basic level lessons, but, can someone tell me if Duolingo will later in the course go into teaching Grammar per se?

October 28, 2012



I agree with you, and I find it a hugely frustrating omission. Expecting us to learn it by osmosis is a mistake, in my opinion. I am in level 11 (whatever the hell that means), and I still have no clue of some pretty essential things. Duolingo seems aimed at people who are already learning the language elsewhere, and want to pick up vocabulary. A shame, because I would have really liked it to work. Still, it's free, and better than nothing at all.


There aren't any grammar lessons. In fact, there are no lessons or explanations at all. Just translating the sentences and a few similar exercises. I guess they figured you will learn the grammar by assimilation and trial and error.

But there are a lot of resources for learning French grammar elsewhere, many free (like french.about.com). Just don't expect Duolingo to be your only source for learning a language. Many of the advanced users on here are also helpful in answering any questions you might have.


@jlua001 : give it a try without the grammar lessons... if you encounter something you don't get, just look it up but don't bother getting all the basics of french grammar in one time, you'd get bored and would lose the will to learn. After all we all learn our mother tongue through imitation of our parents and people around us. ps: if you don't understand something, ask around on duolingo, you'll find advanced users or native french speakers (like myself for example) who will give a hand.


I disagree. What saps the will to learn is simply learning to parrot back premade sentences. It helps pick up vocabulary, but not much else. Unless you are learning the real basics elsewhere.

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