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  5. "You swim to me."

"You swim to me."

Translation:Snámhann tú chugam.

December 17, 2014



The hover suggests liom instead of chugam is a correct answer but it is not accepted


Please report it as an incorrect hover error.


Y'know, I appreciate that I'm learning this for free, that the Mods all have day-jobs, and that there are obvious limitations in the program.

But why are the same errors still errors 3 months later?


I imagine that there are a lot of errors to correct. It's easy enough to try to fix a bigger problem than a hover error and forget to come back to it. Especially considering that not everyone uses the hover hints so it probably gets reported less.

Of course, I don't work on it, so I can't say any of that for sure. But I'd rather them fix instances of mismatched translations, faulty grammar, and other major issues. Their time is limited, so they have to fix the big things first.

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