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  5. "आदमी जाते हैं।"

"आदमी जाते हैं।"

अनुवाद:The men go.

December 17, 2014

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The man goes is wrong and this application is accepting it.. Please make an update..


I tried "The man goes" and it isn't accepted. It may have been a one time glitch or something similar.


Men goes is right


The man goes is wrong and the men goes is correct.


आप के दोनों विकल्प सही नहीं हैं। "Goes" is the plural form of go.

A small tip: most nouns ending with 'o' are turned plural by adding 'es' to the singular.examples buffalo,hero,mosquito,potato,mango,tomato,zero e.t.c

The man = आदमी The men = आदमी (plural)

The rule is, for singular nouns the verb takes plural form and for plural nouns verb takes singular form

The men go=आदमी जाते हैं।

The man goes =आदमी जाता है।


नोट : I being singular form of pronoun it takes singular verb.

I go,you go,we go, they go,he goes,she goes,it goes.


"Men goes" is correct..need an update


Man shi hai men nhi


The man go bhi ho sakta hai na


Which answer is wright The men go The man goes

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