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"He has a lovely personality that makes me happy."

Translation:Han har en dejlig personlighed, der gør mig glad.

December 17, 2014



What does 'der' mean in this sentence?


As much as I understand it, "der" may be substituted with "som", (som gør mig glad), and in English it would be "that" or "which".


Just to add on to this, der and som aren't always interchangeable when meaning that/which/who, der can only be used when referring back to the object of the sentence where som can do either. Here it's explained better than what I've said and has a few exercises


Thanks for the link Xneb. Much more enlightening, and I enjoyed the exercises.


See also Lelura's detailed comment on the issue: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32958682

Judging from that, I think "som" would be the better choice here, as it refers to the object of the main clause.

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