"Vad är det för fel?"

Translation:What is wrong?

December 17, 2014

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Can I ask what this literally translates into word-for-word? I'm curious :)


"What is it for fault", but "vad för" taken together often means "what", adding the idea "what kind of", "what sort of". det is a formal subject, like in It rains.


Is "vad är fel" a correct sentence?


Yes, it's just that vad är det för fel is a very idiomatic way of saying it in Swedish.


Is it common to completely drop the -d in Vad the way the full-speed TTS does in this example?


Why is "What is it that's wrong" not accepted ? Surely if.. Vad är det = What is it För fel = For fault (literal) or (also meaning) is wrong Then with the addition of "that is" / "that's" wouldn't it make the above an acceptable interpretation of the sentence / question or not ?


Could you say "vad är det för en fel" and would the meaning change? I think this "vad är det för en" structure compares the object of speaking, case-in-point to the wider class of such things, suggesting this particular object is somehow different?


It is "ett fel", but yes you can say that, with a little different meaning. It is more like asking what kind of error it is. It could also be a rethorical question pointing out a strange or stupid error.

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