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Can anyone translate this for me?


La tapisserie continue de s'éloigner du mur. Ce sera bientôt fini. Tu penses. Car il y a de l'extérieur, déjà, Dans ta bouche. Et je ne sais pas que tirer de ton silence.

October 28, 2012




The tapestry/wallpaper continues to move away from the wall. It will soon be over. You think/believe so. Because there is some exterior/outside, already, in your mouth. And I don't know what to make of your silence.


@Sitesurf - Thank you. Then, perhaps you can suggest what it means - sounds a bit creepy to me and I can't find a source.


Noise. try continues to move away from the wall. It will be over soon. You think. Because there are outside already in your mouth. And I do not know what to make of your silence.


1km's translation is perfect.


I guess this is some kind of poetry (look at capital letter suggesting verses), that I feel was written by someone having taken in some kind of drug... I tend to think the scene is about a couple, the writer thinking while his/her partner is going to leave the room, maybe to quit forever (bientôt fini, extérieur) and eager to do so (de l'extérieur... dans ta bouche); no words exchanged (silence); when it comes to the tapestry moving away from the wall, well maybe the author is dying and this would be a metaphor about his distorted perceptions ? Maybe Soyer could tell us more ?...

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