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  5. "Das ist meine Bahn."

"Das ist meine Bahn."

Translation:That is my train.

July 16, 2013



Is there a functional difference between Bahn and Zug?


To sum it up:

"Zug" is the train itself (cars pulled by a locomotive), while "Bahn" is the train system as a whole (as in "traveling by train"). Though just to confuse things, "Bahn" is also sometimes used colloquially to refer to a specific train.


How can "Das ist meine Bahn" make sense then?


"Das ist meine Bahn." basically means "The underground / cable car is pulling in and I will take this one."

Die Bahn is a short term for a train (der Zug), the underground (die U-Bahn) or a tram running on rails across the city (die Straßenbahn).


Also useful when playing monopoly.


I would say "Das ist mein Bahnhof." then, since "der Bahnhof" is the real estate where the trains stop. "Die Bahn" is the train itself, not a property.


Danke schön, pada.online.


In Silesia (a region in Poland that was strongly influenced by Germany in the past) we sometimes use a word "Bana" (a direct derivative from 'Bahn') for a Tram specifcally.


When you're referring to a specific train, such as in this example, it's very unusual to say 'Bahn' instead of 'Zug'.


So Bahn is like the means of transportation, and Zug is the actual physical machine? We don't really have a way to word that in English so I hope that makes sense.


I thought, in this case, it meant that the train that arrived was following the route that the speaker needed (not that this particular physical train was his property, which “der Zug” would imply), right?


If it's allowing "railroad" it needs to allow "railway". We don't say railroad in the UK!


It reminds me the train guy from Ghost: "Get off my train!"


I have a friend who lives in Germany, and he told me that the difference between Zug and Bahn is that Zug is a train that travels between different places, while a Bahn is a localized train that travels within a single place, like a tram. I put "This is my tram", and it marked me wrong. Why?


"This is my tram." should be accepted. Please report it.


Danke dir. I'll report it the next time I get this question.


Why not at the time you posted this?!?!?!? the report button is right next to this one and you can do both.


Because there's time between when I post the original comment, and when someone gets back to me. pada.online did not respond to my comment the very second when I posted my question. I didn't want to report it until I knew it was a mistake. Furthermore, I do timed practices. This means that once I enter into the comment section, I typically have all of about forty seconds before the report button disappears along with the rest of the page. That's not very much time for someone to answer my question, is it? lol


Thanks for the insight! :D Hope your problem got fixed


Bahn means both, Train and Track?


It means the entire train system, including train and track and can be used to refer to them as well, but usually an individual train would be called Zug.


I put "That is my path" and Duo accepted it.


Please accept railway when you correct Bahn as railroad


Please post your request for an alternate answer to be accepted at the "Report a Problem" to the left of "Discuss Sentence". You are talking here to other users.


In previous exercises Bahn was translated as Tram, however Tram was not accepted here.


Sheldon Cooper strikes again!

[deactivated user]

    Why not tram?


    Is "my" here referring to ownership or more along the lines of "that's my train, better catch it"?


    I thought Bahn is a railroad.


    That answer is also accepted.


    Bahn should refer to a train. I don't think it is correct.


    I agree with Timmer2 and have reported it to DL., their Answers need to be adjusted to reflect the British usage.


    This is my tram


    Ich war in Österreich, and the "one way" sign read "einbahn" i think it can me used for other things than just "the train system"


    No, it cannot.

    • die Einbahn (Suisse/Austria) / die Einbahnstraße (Germany) = the one-way street
    • das Eisenbahnsystem = the railway system
    • das Zugsystem = the train system


    I don't believe I've ever heard this in German (25 years in Germany). 'Ich fahre mit der Bahn' is okay because it refers to the general railway system, but if you're referring to a particular train I would only ever say 'Das ist mein Zug'.


    Why is not That is my route accepted? It's very similar with That is my course...

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